Here you can find unique goblens, only one ithem of each, hand-made by my mother.  Note: If you are closed to Boston, MA I can deliver them to you or you can stop by to see them live.

Goblens Made with Love by my sweet Mom

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WWW.GOBLENS.RO-USA.COMWWW.GOBLENS.RO-USA.COMWWW.GOBLENS.RO-USA.COM is a complex website dedicated to this artistic phenomenon.

        From this site you can buy splendid hand crafted goblens ( also called gobelins or needlework), all made with love and caring to fit your taste. For all of you who admire beauty and want it as close as possible, our offer is a true visual delight, a masterpiece for the eye and the mind. The offer is varieties, satisfying the most exigent tastes and the artistic touches impeccable. In a world infected by kitsch and bad taste this website is an oasis of stylistic light.
The prices are accessible, so the only option is to order right now.
As you will see, some of the works' themes are the natural landscapes, famous paintings, and more, all having an extremely positive effect on the spirit, succeeding also in appeasing tense situations with their natural beauty!

    Do you want to have a masterpiece without paying millions for it? Hand embroidered tapestry in the popular in Europe Gobelin style. New, not framed, odor free. I prefer to offer the tapestries not framed, as the different homes have different styles, and you have the option to select the frame according to the main style you prefer. They are suitable for people who are interested to have them as home decoration, or to offer a precious gift to a relative, friend or business partner.


See these 3 samples framed, not for sale, check our inventory for unframed goblens for sale.


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Love and Faith

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Mary and the baby

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Jesus, 17.5/27 cm,

Love and faith, 25/32 cm,

Mary, 25/32 cm

        These are goblens/gobelins, which means that it is an embroidery sewn point by point. Each sign from the painting represents a classical loop or a sole pinprick across a thread of the canvas oblique, to the right and upwards. She used for a very good quality embroidery a canvas with density of 10 loops/1cm, respectively 100 loops/cm2 sewing with 2 threads of embroidery thread ( Moulin thread).
        The colors (23 different ones) can last for hundreds of years because they are specially made for this type of embroidery . Each one took 2-3 months of hard work , up to 9-11 hours a day, because she had to respect all the indication for creating a very good gobelin: not to stretch the thread or twist it back during the sewing, to follow one color only and on the shortest way possible until the thread in the needle ends, not sewing with knots on back  etc...


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